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Saturday, January 2, 2010

GARY WAR UK/EU TOUR -Upset The Rhythm

Saturday, 2 January 2010

YES! We originally met Greg when he toured with Ariel Pink alongside John Maus on their first European tour back in June 2005. We had been sent a crazy mp3 CD which at the time we could only listen too through a playstation but when we heard GARY WAR we were thrilled he was available to play a solo set too. It was one of our favourite shows and over the wilderness years that followed I often thought about Greg and then finally he released two brilliant records last year, what a great excuse to book a tour and as they say the rest is history or technically the future I guess, albeit a small future of a few days!!! Check out the upcoming tour dates below and share with all and sundry, this will be a great kickstart to 2010,

January 2010
05.01 - Manchester - Islington Mill
06.01 - Dublin - Upstairs at Whelans
07.01 - Belfast - Pavillion
08.01 - Glasgow - Cry Parrot
09.01 - Newcastle - Star & Shadow
10.01 - Cambridge - Portland Arms
11.01 - Brighton - Cowley Club
12.01 - London - The Lexington w/ Bird Names

GARY WAR is a mysterious upstart from Brooklyn who can conjure the ever-changing zeitgeist of psychedelia out of the ether. Playing with vast, sweeping echoes, softly sung lyrics, and infusing sonic textures through synth-driven overtures, Gary War takes us through the often banal sonics of the psychedelic form with a fresh take on what seems at first, an aggregate of the past couple of decades of drug-influenced music, and drops us dead center, at the doorstep to La La Land. His tonal insobriety, from one song to the next is a true sign of the times, where artists are driven to explore different avenues, melding genres, vocal styles and instrumentation to arrive somewhere new, all the while taking the listener along for the ride. Pulling from influences that hold as much up to Chrome as they do Syd Barret, Gary War is able to wrangle them from every corner, and he even covers The Alan Parsons Project without sounding misguided,or a late arriving hippie on a hotbox high. Gary War creates a sound that wisps through the knobby branches of the past and sumptuously uproots our notions of the boundaries of psychedelia. Gary War has albums available through two of our favourite record labels SHDWPLY and Sacred Bones and a forthcoming EP on Captured Tracks too.
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The Super Vacations, Sore Eros, Florida & PC Worship @Glasslands: January 29th, 2010 Brooklyn, NY (Shdwply Showcase)

Velvet Davenport and Turbo Fruits Boyfriends

Velvet Davenport & Florida East Coast February 2010

Florida. silent barn. august 09

For dates please visit

..Florida "Haunted House" 7" out December 2009 shdwply014

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Sunday, November 22, 2009

Florida "Haunted House" 7" (shdwply014) Out Dec. 25th 2009

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PRE ORDER: shdwply013- COLUMBOID "Cruise On Your Own" cassette

COLUMBOID "IJNAR" (brooklyn, ny)

Columboid | MySpace Video


COLUMBOID "Cruise On Your Own" cassette (100 copies)

Out Thanksgiving Day 2009


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PC WORSHIP "NYC Stone Age" LP limited pink screen printed cover

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The SUPER VACATIONS record release shows with VIVIAN GIRLS